A quick mod to the Powermatic 15HH

When I got my Powermatic 15HH planer last summer I was overjoyed. The Shelix head provided an incredibly nice surface with no tearout whatsoever. However, after planing a few boards I was disappointed that I was getting a little snipe on both ends of the boards. I read through the manual again for any clues and stumbled upon one sentence that referenced a pair of table locking knobs that were on the left side of the planer (as viewed from the infeed table). All the other controls are on the right side.

Fifth Anniversary Shop Tour

It's been five years since my shop building was completed. During that time the shop has undergone a lot of changes. Every woodworker I know likes to see someone else's shop. So I thought that this would be a good time to document the state of the shop and maybe provide you with some ideas to use in your own shops.

The tale of the Cyclone – part 2

In my last post I had just decided to order the Oneida Air Pro 1500. Business must be good for Oneida Air Systems because the dust collector was back ordered for about a month. That worked out just fine because it gave me plenty of time to get the ductwork and install it.

Deciding on the Pipe

 After more research I decided to go with 26ga spiral pipe as opposed to the snap-lock. Here are my Pros and Cons for each:

The tale of the Cyclone – part 1

I have been contemplating the purchase of a new dust collection system for several years. After entirely too much research I decided that a two-stage cyclone system was what I neededwanted. I also wanted to make sure that this was the last dust collector I would ever buy.

Next I had to decide which model to go with. Recently several manufacturers have come to market with some nice portable 1 1/2hp and 2hp models that are very attractive.

It’s time for some new shop storage

 have one corner in my shop that had become the junk pile. It was a corner under the stairs that go up to the attic of my shop where things had just begun to pile up. I had a plastic shelving unit that had so much stuff on it that I couldn't seem to grab something without knocking something else off. I had stacks of cans of finish on the floor along with moving blankets, painting supplies and a bunch of other junk. Something had to change.